Affiliate Marketing Mastery is NOT a scam… BUT…


If there’s one thing that annoys me it’s when people cry ‘SCAM’ online for something that clearly isn’t.

For example if you buy a weight loss ebook and continue to shove donuts down your throat, then if you don’t lose weight it’s not because the ebook is a scam, right?

What’s worse than this though is when people will actively call something a scam just so they can pitch you something else.

Take this as an example…

First of all here’s a woman giving some feedback about the Affiliate Marketing Mastery course:

So you see it says right there that she’s an affiliate for Stefan’s programs and that it’s a great program and “more in depth than WA” (which is a different program she promotes as an affiliate).

Nothing wrong there, right?

But wait until you check out here blog.

Here’s a post where she has called Affiliate Marketing Mastery a scam:


See the domain name there.  Now lets check out the ‘About’ page on that same blog:


It’s the SAME woman who is an affiliate for Stefan and says his course is “a great program” and “actually more in depth than WA”.

So if she thinks it’s great and more in depth than the other program she’s promoting, why is she calling it a scam?

Simple. She’s lying to try and get you to buy WA through her affiliate link.

Let me be clear. Affiliate Marketing Mastery is NOT a scam. If you put in the work, you’ll get results (just like with the weight loss ebook example).

But … there are people out there like Claudia that will prey on people who are just doing their due diligence on a product in order to lie to them and get them into their own program.

Unfortunately, this is a common theme I’ve seen with a lot of WA affiliates (and no, I’m not going to explain what WA stands for … you can find out for yourself if you want).

In fact, a lot of times when you see a new product being released, WA members will flood the internet with fake reviews and ‘scam’ warnings to stop people buying the product, just to tell them that WA is the only program that works.

Look, I don’t care if you buy Affiliate Marketing Mastery or not.

But I DO care that you have the right information to make an educated, informed decision.

So just because someone calls something ‘SCAM’, does not mean it’s true.